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Monument 14 - Emmy Laybourne Straight up, this book was painful for me to read. I was super excited about it and it just fell really flat for me. It was one of those situations that I felt like nothing happened at all and yet everything and the kitchen sink was thrown at the reader. I mean in a book about 14 teens and younger kids stuck in a super store you would expect some stuff to go down. But this had everything! There was drinking and drug use, sex, teen pregnancy, violence, murder, sexual predator situations, oh and side effects from a chemical compound that was in the outside air. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. It was just too much for my liking. Every time there was something new I couldn’t help but think, ‘why are you going there?! It’s so not needed!’. That seemed to be the reoccurring theme in my head with every turn of the page.

I will say that there was one and only one saving grace, the character of Max. He was by far the best character in the whole story. Everyone else was so stereotypical and bland for me but Max was a breath of fresh air. He brought in the much needed comedy and humor in a book that was very serious and at times disturbing. His stories were so off the wall I couldn’t help but smile and wonder what he was going to say next. He was a breath of fresh air and made the small parts he was in very enjoyable.

I can’t say that I will read the next book in the series especially if it takes place in the super store again. With the way the book ended I just don’t think I can take much more of them being in that store. But if by chance the voice is one of the other characters(and based on the cover I am hopefully) I may be sucked in.

I won’t tell you not to read this one because I have heard many people say they enjoyed it. It just wasn’t to my personal taste. I thought the author had a pretty good writing style and told a story with great detail, I just wasn’t a fan of some of those details. If you really want to know if you will like it, pick it up and make your own choice. You never know, it could become your favorite book in the world.