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The Beginning of After - Jennifer Castle 3.5 stars

I had this book on my shelf for a while so when I was looking for something to read it just jumped out at me. The back pulled me in immediately and I was excited. And now that I read it that excite has waned because there were things I really liked and stuff that bugged me so I was left feeling meh by the end. Granted I read The Beginning of After directly after finishing Requiem so it was in a tough spot, but I just don't think it was good as I wanted it to be.

Lets start with what I loved. I loved how Laurel grieved for the demolition of her family. For the life of me I can't imagine what it would feel like to lose everything like that. I completely understood her need to almost forget and move on. She had an obvious case of survivors guilt and wasn't quite sure how to move on from that or even if she wanted to. Her random thoughts of her parents and brother and how she would push those out of her head was pretty spot on for the kind of grief she was experiencing. I also really loved Laurel and David's relationship. They had this weird kinship that worked for them and that others didn't really seem to understand. They both went through this horrible thing that changed their lives completely and had each other to lean on in a weird way.

What I didn't like was Laurel and Meg's relationship. There was something about Meg that rubbed me the wrong way. I actually found her selfish, like she was only being Laurel's "rock" because it was what was expected of her. She never once tried to hear her out about David and that annoyed me. Every time David was mentioned Meg immediately went to a bad place instead of actually supporting her friend. I also didn't like the abruptness of David and Laurel's interaction. Every time they we together I wanted more time with them actually together. It was rushed a lot of the time and it got to the point that by the end everything about them was rushed. I don't know, I guess I just wanted more.

All in all the book was a great story of loss and moving on, but it just left me feeling okay when I was done and not that amazing feeling I was hoping to have.