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From What I Remember... - Stacy Kramer, Valerie  Thomas 4.5 Stars

When I read a good book that has been on my shelf for a while I usually get mad at myself for waiting too long. But I have to admit although I had my eye on this one for a while, I'm happy I read it when I did. It was exactly what I need at just the right time. It was fun and well plotted out and I enjoyed the entire thing. It looked to be a daunting task with the weight and the page count(over 450), but it actually was a quick read that took you on a journey of self discovery in a way that other books haven't done.

From What I Remember is the story of Kylie, Max, Will and Lily. They are four graduating seniors from a private school in California. Kylie is the uptight nerd that wants nothing to do with anyone in her graduating class, minus Will. Max is the popular jock that is dating Lily and gets away with everything. Lily is the "Queen B"(think Blair in Gossip Girl) that wants what she wants and when she wants it. And Will is the flamboyant gay guy that doesn't care what people think about him. These four people couldn't be any different and yet they are thrust into each others orbit when an assignment given to Max and Kylie goes incredibly wrong. Stuck in Mexico on the night before graduation Kylie and Max part-take on a journey that shows them another side not only to each other but to themselves. But once Will, Lily and Max's BFF Charlie arrive all hell breaks loose and suddenly neither Max or Kylie know what is real and what is "What Happens in Mexico Stays in Mexico".

The story really was pure genius when I stop to think about it. Really what could have been cliche and annoying was actually the opposite. Everything seemed to go at the right pace for something that happened essentially over one day and it didn't seem rushed at all. I didn't find it unbelievable or completely far fetched and that is completely thanks to the writers. They wrote Kylie and Max(yup, totally crushing on him even though he had to be a stupid boy for a part of the book) in a way that made them likable even when they were being stupid. I totally understood Kylie's walls and need to control everything and Max's reluctance to talk and share his feelings. And the addition of Will, Lily, Charlie and Kylie's brother Jake added even more to the depth of the main two characters. I'll admit that I found Will annoying at times and a tad over the top, but he was the side that Kylie suppressed which made it important for him to be over the top.

I know when some people hear that there are 5 different POVs that they think the book will be confusing and silly, but From What I Remember is anything but confusing and silly. I related to these characters and enjoyed getting to see where they all were inside their own heads. If you are looking for a journey of self discovery with a fun "road trip" mixed in and a side of drama, this is the book for you. Bravo to Kramer and Thomas for taking their readers on an incredible journey and one I won't soon forget.