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Kiss Me Again - Rachel Vail I read the first in these series before I even knew it was going to be a series. I remember picking it up because I wanted something fun and man was it man. Charlie has such a personality and wit that I immediately fell in love with her. Fast forward to earlier this year. I was so excited when I found out there would be a follow-up and I was even more excited when it arrived unexpectedly in my mail box. It had been a while since I read If We Kiss so I had forgotten what I had loved in the first place and then Charlie spoke and it all came back to me. She is just so funny with a major dry sense of humor. Everything she says makes me giggle. And her relationship ship with Kevin seemed to bring out that humor even more. What I didn't like was how Tess treated Charlie. I didn't like it in the first book and I didn't like it even more in the second. But really just a fun, cute little series about crushes and love and friendship and awkward teenage moments. Definitely a recommender.