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A Fractured Light - Jocelyn Davies Fan-freaking-tastic! That is exactly what A Fractured Light was. From start to finish it was just amazing! Rarely am I given a book so blatantly out of comfort zone that I fall head over heels with and that is exactly what happened with this wonderful series by Jocelyn Davies. It will have you on the end of your seat, flipping pages faster then you could ever imagine all while you are smiling and your heart is breaking at the same time. You will run through every emotion while reading this and you won't be disappointed in the least.

A Fractured Light begins right where A Beautiful Dark left off. Skye, having been stabbed by Devin, is in the fold of the Rebels. Where the Order tried to kill her, the Rebellion, more importantly Asher, have saved her. Finally having made her choice Skye aligns herself with the rebels, but she can't seem to shake Devin and a nagging feeling that she may be doing the wrong thing. As Skye begins working on her powers more things about her past and the war between the Order and Rebels are revealed leaving Skye to wonder just what side she really should be on.

Where do I even begin gushing about this book?! I guess I should start with Skye. Skye is a hard character to like. There is really no in between with her. You either love her or you want to smack her. I am on the love her side of things. I loved her in the first book and that live grew in this book. What touches me the most about Skye is the fact that through everything she is still just a teenage girl. All she wants most of the time is to hang with her friends, or her boyfriend or to become Captain of the ski team. And yet none of this is really possible to her. Instead she holds the fate of two groups of angels in her young hands with powers she hasn’t even begun to understand. But even knowing all of this Skye still takes it all and brushes it off. She knows her place in the world and slowly begins to understand that sacrifices must be made.

If there was one thing I don’t like about Skye is her wishy washy-ness towards Devin. Now don’t get me wrong I completely understood where she was coming from with her feelings towards him. She had a special connection to him and it just couldn’t go away even though he tried to kill her. I got why she justified it because Devin really had no control over his own free will. It just wasn’t an option for him. But she kept waffling when it came to him and that bothered me. I wanted her to pick a side when it came to Devin and I wanted her to stop keeping it all from Asher.

Oh Asher, how I LOVE LOVE LOVE him! The mysterious bad boy thing was still there from A Beautiful Dark, but there was also something sweet and nurturing about him in A Fractured Light. He was completely in love with Skye and wanted to do everything in his power to protect her, to keep her safe. He may have been considered the “dark” angel, but not to me. To me he was really the good guy. Basically he made me swoon.

I also really enjoyed the back and forth between good and evil. Davies wrote it in such a way that at times you really questioned which side Skye should be on, who was actually out to help her, who wanted to hurt her, and who just wanted to be there for her. It left you guessing and maybe even switching sides yourself at a time or two.

All in all Davies told a great story about finding your place in the world and what it means to be true to yourself. The end will make you tear up but you will feel complete when all is said and done. Can’t wait for more from this talented author! If you haven’t picked up the first book in the series, do it and then get this one immediately after!