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Moonglass - Jessi Kirby I read this book directly after my re-read of Sarah Ockler's book Twenty Boy Summer and at times I felt like this book picked up right where that left off. Never mind the fact that both of the main girls are named Anna and a beach is involved, there were also similar themes of sea glass, loss and moving on. With that said, Moonglass was still very much a book of it's own and it was wonderful.

The book is about Anna, a girl that has vivid memories of looking for seaglass with her mother on the beach near their house. That is until the day her mom walked into the ocean and never came back. Now Anna and her dad are moving to the beach community where her parents met and Anna is learning more about her mother, that she has been trying to forget, then she ever imagined and old wounds are opening up at a time when she would like nothing more for them to stay closed.

I really liked Anna in this book. Kirby wrote her in a way that made her likeable and made your heart go out to her. I completely understood her motives for not facing the death of her mother and I got why it scared her to face it. She was real and I liked that about her. I also liked the addition of Patrick the cute life guard. Their relationship helped to keep things light and interesting. I loved the teasing aspect of the two of them right off the bat, but I also liked how he was there for her when she needed him.

All in all it was a quick read about moving on and putting the past in the past. I would recommend it and I look forward to reading more books by this talented author.