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Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone ARGH! I wanted to really love this book, I really did and I just couldn’t. With every turn of the page all I could picture was The Time Traveler’s Wife and I just couldn’t shake that vibe. Because for me that is exactly what A Time Between was…The Time Traveler’s Wife for YA. Honestly I think if I never saw that movie I would have been crazy about this book, but since I did see the movie and wasn’t a huge fan of it, I walked away from A Time Between Us with a meh feeling.

A Time Between Us is the story of Anna and Bennett, two seemingly similar teens that happen to go to the same school. Only they aren’t anything alike. Anna has lived in the same Chicago suburb her whole life never having gone away where. She dreams of getting out of town and traveling the world but something keeps holding her back. And then there is Bennett, the boy who has been everywhere. He has traveled most of the globe and yet all he wants is a place that he fits in. But he also has a secret. He doesn’t belong in the year he meets Anna because Bennett is actually a 16 year old boy from 2012, not a 16 year old boy from 1995. As Bennett’s truth is revealed to Anna and their relationship intensifies, they must figure out a way to get what they both want and a way to stay together even if there is a lot of time between them.

The description alone sounds fantastical and I still strongly believe that it would have been. The characters were strong and the plot was strong, although nothing happened for a long time. Everything was there and I think the problem was totally me. This book is just a case of it not working for me sadly. And it really does make me sad. Bennett was totally swoonworthy and his relationship with Anna was great. The things that I love in a love story where there and I just couldn’t bring myself to love it.

Honestly DO NOT go by me on this at all. I highly recommend that you pick this up anyway because this is simply a case of the wrong book at the wrong time.