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Straddling The Edge (Against The Wall, #3) - Julie Prestsater I feel like I read this forever ago, and that is probably because I did. Perk of being friends with the author, you get an advanced read. That is also me telling you all that I am in fact friends with the author and it is only fair you all know that. Although it doesn't factor at all into what I'm about to say because this is 100% my opinion...Straddling the Edge was my favorite so far of the Against the Wall series and that says a lot because I hated Summer in the other books. Actually that says a lot of Julie as an author because she was able to transform Summer into not only a likeable person, but a relatable person which in return made me love this book.

Straddling the Edge is Summer's story. In the past books what we knew of Summer was that she was a home wrecker. She was the reason that Shelly and Chase were broken up. But what we didn't know was Summer's background. Now single and alone, Chase having once again cheated, Summer must figure out who she is and how to stand on her own. And with the hot and sexy Dean, who treats her better then anyone ever has, she may just be able to really be who she is and find true love in the process.

First I must say this...Dean is flipping hot! Man oh man oh man is he hot! Okay, shallow moment over. ;-)

What I really liked about this story was the growth of Summer who wasn't at all what she seemed like. Basically she was a girl like any other girl. She never fit in with anyone when she was younger and when she started to get attention from men after a make-over she ran with it. But she was never being herself and in the end that hurt her worse than anything because she was attracting the wrong kind of people. She ended up being prey in a way for guys that didn't want commitment, just a good time, and in the long run she got a reputation that she didn't deserve because of this. Once you removed the act, and the make-up and the Barbie like appearance, you got a down to earth girl that was just looking for love like we all are. And with the help of Dean, hot, sexy, down to earth Dean, Summer found you don't need a horse and pony show to find the right man, you just need to be yourself.

In true Julie fashion, Straddling is written with a realness of humor and emotion that has you cheering for everyone involved...well minus Chase who I still don't like. She gave us a story about real relationships with real people that didn't feel forced or out of place. It was paced well, timed well and written well. Bravo Ms. Prestsater. Can't wait for the final piece of the puzzle which I better get early. ;-)