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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn This could possibly be the hardest review to write for the fact that I don’t want to give anything away and ruin the ending and the twists and turns of this amazingly told story. It was witty and poignant and clever and well thought out. It kept you guessing even when you thought you had it figured out and it left your mouth hanging open when all was said and done. Gone Girl was everything everyone said it was and more. It had the meat of a good mystery in the likes of say a Dennis Lehane, but had a real story mixed in a la Nicholas Sparks. Even though it was cumbersome to carry around, yes I lugged the hardcover back and forth to work every day, it was worth the muscles add to my arms. I couldn’t put it down once I reached the end of the first part.

Gone Girl is the story of a couple, Nick and Amy, who have been married for 5 years. They seem like the quintessential perfect couple, the ying to the yang, but looks can be deceiving. Behind closed doors Nick and Amy are anything but perfect. Behind closed doors their marriage is falling apart. And when Amy goes missing on their 5th wedding anniversary the small town in Missouri they live in is at a complete loss. There seems to be only one suspect and that suspect is Nick himself. Now Nick and Amy’s dirty secrets are under public scrutiny. And the stranger Nick behaves the more certain everyone is that he is in fact guilty. As the story unfolds people start to wonder just how much they know about each other, their neighbors and their families and friends.

Honestly I can’t think of a book that was more perfectly crafted then Gone Girl. There was a lot of info in this one that could have made it confusing but Flynn used everything to create a great story about a marriage and a crime and a town’s reaction to both. At different times I found myself liking both characters and every time I thought I had the whole thing figured out I truly convinced myself I was wrong. The use of three parts to tell all aspects of the every beautifully interwoven detail added a perspective to the book. Each part revealed a truth that pulled the whole story together and truly in the end left you gasping and shaking your head it was that good.

Really I can’t say much more on this without giving something away. All I can tell you is to ignore the size of the book and jump in. Gillian Flynn really crafted a masterpiece in my eyes and it shouldn’t be missed.