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Dare You To - Katie McGarry 4.5 Stars

I heart Beth's story! She was so lost and alone. Ryan was just what he needed. Although similar to McGarry's first book, it also was a book all of its own too. Sure Beth and Ryan were opposites like Noah and Echo from Pushing the Limits, but there was something more believable about Ryan and Beth's connection. As they say opposites attract and Beth and Ryan were complete opposites.

Dare You To is the story of Beth, who we were first introduced to in Pushing the Limit. Beth has been relying on herself for a really long time and has grown used to it. With her mother being an alcoholic and her mom's boyfriend being abusive and flat out creepy, Beth has only Isiah and Noah as a support system and the aunt that allows her to stay at her place. But when Beth's mom is in trouble and Beth sticks up for her, her uncle steps in and makes a deal. Her mom can either go to jail or Beth can come and live with him. Not wanting to send her mom away Beth agrees to go with her uncle where she meets Ryan. Cocky, arrogant, adorable Ryan that never passes up a dare and loves to get under Beth's skin. Stuck between two worlds Beth has to decide what is more important herself or what everyone else need/wants from her.

Seriously I wanted to just hug Beth through almost all of this book. She was so lost and was constantly trying to do the right thing even if it was the wrong way. Her walls were so high and so reinforced it is near impossible to get through them and then Ryan comes in and Beth really doesn't know what to do. She has never been treated the way that Ryan treats her and suddenly she doesn't know what to feel. The poor thing was so torn on everything in her life. She really broke my heart. But I loved watching her blossom with her uncle and Ryan's support and to see her finally see she can be more.

All in all I really enjoyed McGarry's second book and I loved how she weaved the two stories together without confusing the reader if they happened to read this one first. I look forward to McGarry's next book and definitely recommend both Pushing the Limit and Dare to You.