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Impostor - Jill Hathaway When I finished this book I wasn’t sure how to feel. I had a lot of emotions, some of them not good. The end left a bad taste in my mouth which then took away from the rest of the story which I had enjoyed pretty much up until the climax/conclusion. I still really don’t know how to feel about it. Did I like it? Did I hate it? Was it just a meh book for me? And the thing is I can’t give a definite answer to any of those questions because in the end the book was kind of just there and that disappointed me.

Imposter is the second book in the Slide series and picks right up where Slide left off. Vee’s boyfriend is dead and Vee is still sliding into the minds of others. She has learned to control her power some but just as Vee thinks things are getting back to normal strange things start to happen once again. Someone seems to be sliding into Vee causing her to black out and do strange things. But if this is happening it means someone has the same power to slide like Vee which can either be helpful or deadly.

Imposter really had such a great start. It had the exact same feel like Slide did. You could feel the end of your seat tension, even if parts were predictable, and the added part of a new person being able to slide just added to the plot. It was paced well and still had the same likable characters. You had Vee and Mattie and Rollins. You had Vee and Mattie’s dad and you had Sam on the outside with the ever dislikable Scotch. And you had the new additions of Vee and Mattie’s aunt Lydia and Rollins’ annoying radio friend. All of the parts were there and it was all leading up to something great. I was excited for the end and to see where it was all going. And then at about 65-70% through the books it all went downhill for me. In the rush to get the book completed it lost something and that disheartened me.

Instead of having a great book that I could gush about and suggest to friends I had an okay story that had good characters that were kind of killed at the end. The whole thing took a 180 and I felt like the easy way out. Now I won’t say I wasn’t surprised by the conclusion, who was the possible other slider and what was really going on, but I just didn’t really care at that point. Something went amiss on page 184 when Mattie became annoying and not the character I had grown to love and everything after that just didn’t work.

Now I can’t say I hated the book because I didn’t. It really was a very great idea and I know people that really loved the whole thing. It just feel flat for me and like I said became a book that was just there. If there was a 3rd part would I read it? Definitely without a doubt. I’m just not sure how I felt about this one being such a let down in my eyes.