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I'm a shopping fanatic. On any given day you will hear about me buying clothes or bags or shoes or books.
Love and Other Perishable Items - Laura Buzo I was given Love and Other Perishable Items as a Christmas gift this year from another book lover and I had honestly forgotten all about it until I saw she was reading it. I felt horrible that I forgot about it and moved it up immediately into my to read pile. After talking to her about it she explained that she had no idea that this was a book we had both wanted to read from Australia that was title Good Oil but released and renamed in the states. This made me extremely excited to read it because as I have learned with other books, those Aussie's have a way with words, and Love and Other Perishable Items was no different.

Amelia and Chris's stories were so spot on. The angst and joy and butterfly feelings that comes from a crush jumped right off the page. They both had such great voices and wit that I couldn't help but what to read more and more and found myself finishing the book in a day. It was cute and cleaver and got to the heart of teen angst and broken hearts. It was adorable and heart breaking and made it blatantly clear that I am so happy I'm not a teenager anymore. :-)