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Bittersweet - Sarah Ockler A sunshine yellow lemon cupcake with a coconut infused marshmallow frosting. Filled with a raspberry and blueberry jam and decorated with marzipan figure skates and hockey sticks. Drizzle with silver glitter dust and serve on a plate of awesomeness!

Sarah Ockler has done it again! This book was just beyond amazing! Seriously I thought I loved Ockler before with her amazing works Fixing Delilah and my favorite Twenty Boy Summer, but I'm head over heels now.

Ockler has a gift for getting down to the depth and emotions of her characters and she did that flawlessly with Hudson. A once high prospect for the figure skating world, Hudson had lost her way and found herself in the kitchen baking amazing cupcakes as a way to forget who she was. But after a chance run-in, and I mean that literally, with the co-captain of her school's hockey team, Hudson's love of the ice finally makes itself known. When presented an opportunity to help the team(and the boy she is crushing on) and get ice time for a competition she is secretly entering Hudson takes in more than she can chew and all hell breaks loose on her life.

Told entirely from Hudson's point of view the readers are privy to every thought and emotion that Hudson feels leaving us to feel like we are taking the journey with her. You personally feel like you are there for the fights and laughs and hugs and kisses and near kisses. You can feel the sadness and regret and anger that she has towards her family and herself and the drive she has for baking and skating. It truly is a touching story of finding out who you are and what you want.

Bravo Ms. Ockler. My only question...when are you opening a cupcake bakery with all those delicious concoctions you teased us with??!! :-)