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Bitter End - Jennifer Brown Holy crap batman! That was one powerful book! The fact that the ratings are so low baffles me because it was pure brilliance. Just like I found in Hate List, Jennifer Brown has a way of tackling hard subjects with dignity while leaving you a hopeful emotional mess. I can honestly say that luckily enough I have never personally been through what Cole did to Alex, but I know there are many many people out there that have been. And much like Alex they have the same reaction thinking things will get better. What Brown shows us is it doesn't. It gets worse and the people on the outside are helpless. Alex was so desperate to be loved that she made what Cole was doing to her okay and it was anything but. She was lacking so much support at home that she almost felt like she deserved to be hurt by someone who claimed to love her and that is so far from the truth. No one deserves that and Brown showed that with grace and tact.

This book will stay with my for a long time. It made me cry and smile and my heartache and I feel better having have had the chance to read it.