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Stealing Parker - Miranda Kenneally Completely head over heels in love with Corndog! Sorry, had to get that off my chest first and foremost.  Now that that’s done, on to the book!

I really really loved this book. As a huge Miranda Kenneally fan I was ecstatic when I realized there were going to be Catching Jordan companion books. And I was even more ecstatic when I was given an advanced copy of Stealing Parker. And even though it is considered a companion book, with some characters from Catching Jordan strongly present, Stealing Parker is definitely a book of its own. It is witty and quirky and gives a peak into how religion can affect some people’s thoughts and behaviors.

Stealing Parker is about Parker, a girl that at one time had it all. She was on the softball team, had really close girl friends and loving parents. Then one day her mom announces that she is in love with a woman and Parker’s world as she knows it falls apart. Soon she is victim to taunts by her so called friends, a shunning of sorts by her church and is no longer comfortable playing the sport she loves since she is ridiculed mercilessly about it. Now unsure where she fits in Parker decides to become a girlie girl. She loses weight, gives herself a make over and becomes a kissing fanatic. But when her best friend Drew signs her up as manager to his baseball team and Parker meets the new 20 something coach Brian she realizes maybe kissing only one guy isn’t so that bad, especially if that one guy is Brian. But is being with him worth the possible ridicule or is it possible there is someone out there that may just be everything Parker needs and more?

Honestly I really liked Parker. There was something about her that was just likeable. Was she confused about some things? Absolutely. And she was desperate for people to like her again after the debacle with her mom, but the thing I liked best was how clear she was on how the people in her church treated her family and how wrong it was. She never once really questioned how they treated her personally because she was struggling with how she thought she should be treated. What she didn’t like was how they treated her dad. That showed a lot of character to me and showed me what a stand up person Parker really was. Sure she was young and getting mixed up with Brian may not have been her smartest move, but I could see where she was coming from. She was kind of a lost soul and Brian, the dirt bag that he was, feed off that without even knowing.

What I really liked most about Parker though was her friendships with Drew and Corndog. Parker to me was most herself around both boys and allowed them to be themselves around her. She did everything she could to stand by Drew no matter what, even if it hurt her in the process. And her relationship with Corndog was off the charts great. They had such an ease around each other. Plus it didn’t hurt that he was a family guy and just adorable. Did I mention that I loved him? HAHA. But seriously I loved reading about how both relationship grew and changed but still remained strong.

If there was one thing I didn’t like was Drew’s reaction to something that happened towards the end. He bothered me with the way he responded. It wasn’t fair to Parker at all after everything she had done for him and been through with him. He was being childish and selfish. But really that is so minor compared to the rest of this amazing book.

Kenneally has once again showed just how in tune she is with the teen genre and told a story filled with love and heart ache and figuring out who you are and who you want by your side. Well done! Well done! I look forward to more.