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Hereafter - Kate Brian 4.5

I had no idea where Kate Brian was going to take this series after the first book. To be frank, I was worried about it because I wasn’t sure there was any where to really go since I found the first book fantastic. That being said I wasn’t going to let my doubts stop me from reading Hereafter and thank goodness. Brian made a believer out of me with her ability to tell a straightforward story and to keep the audience guessing. Because Hereafter was a guessing game for me and I loved every minute of it.

Hereafter picks up almost exactly where Shadowlands has left off. Rory, having just found out the truth about Juniper Landing and the fate of her family, is reeling and trying to put the pieces together. But the more Rory learns about the picturesque island, the more questions she has and the more afraid she is of what’s to become of her family. And when weird things start happening and fingers start pointing Rory has to decide what is really important to her and more importantly, who she can trust.

Like I said, I was worried. After how Shadowlands ended I had no idea where you could go with this story. The mystery was gone, or at least I thought. Brian actually surprised me with where she managed to go with this story and the twists and turns it took. Every time I thought I had it figured out, and I basically thought this about every 3 pages, I would start to question my resolve and doubt everything I thought I knew. By the time I finished this incredibly woven story I don’t think I knew which end was up. The characters were interesting and mysterious and you never really knew whether they were on the up and up or if they were hiding something and I loved that feeling. I rarely get that when I read a book so Hereafter was a nice refreshing change of pace.

I also really liked the ending. I’m not convinced everything is as it seems and if I know Kate Brian at all, it will get worse before it gets better, but I really like how thing splayed out and were revealed. I’m still going back and forth in my head trying to figure out if what I read is the truth or if there is something else that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Having been a fan of Brian’s He’s So/She’s So series written under her other name Kieran Scott, I know that I am in for a doozy when it comes to the final chapter of this amazingly thought out and expressed story. In Juniper Landing nothing is as it seems and I know Brian will leave us breathless once again. Bravo!