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You Act So White

You Act So White - Julie Prestsater First and foremost I must admit in the terms of full disclosure that I am a friend of the authors. But with that said I am being completely bias when I tell you that this story was fantastic!

I first picked up Ms. Prestsater's books with her Double Threat series. I was immediately hooked to her sense of humor and whit and the way she tells a story and You Act So White was no different. You can tell undeniably who the author is but there is a real message involved in this book. It isn't a story about the boy getting the girl or vice versa. It's a story about figuring out who you are and what that may or may not mean to other people. You Act So White looks at what your heritage and nationality mean to other people and how your action are perceived by others. It gives a look into the discrimination that people face in their lives before not only from their best friends but from people of the same background that think you are acting "too something else". It is a story that shows how stereotypes can shape your life if you let them.

It really was a strong read that Ms. Prestsater did an amazing job pulling together in such few pages. I highly recommended it and any of her other works.