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Panic - Lauren Oliver I'm not sure what I think right now. I have to let it marinate some. Review a ways off.
Attachments - Rainbow Rowell Cute story. Not my favorite Rowell, but I did love Lincoln and wouldn't be opposed to more of him. He was just so lovable. I would recommend for a fun read for sure.
Star Crossed - Jennifer Echols Not a fan of this one at all. There was random sexy time thrown in almost just because, there was too much back and forth and it all felt slightly forced to me. I had to skim a lot of the last 100 pages because I had reached my limit. Not the book for me. Enjoy Echols YA books more for sure.
Breathe, Annie, Breathe - Miranda Kenneally Got to read a very early version of this(still excited by that fact) and LOVED LOVED LOVED it! By far my favorite book in all of them. You are in for a treat when it is released.

Racing Savannah

Racing Savannah - Miranda Kenneally Another winner by Kenneally! Savannah is another strong female character to add to her growing list. Review to come closer to release.
Splintered - A.G. Howard I have no idea what I just read, but man was it fantastic. Review to come.
Bright Before Sunrise - Tiffany Schmidt Um, where is the 6th star?! No seriously, where is it?

Loved, love, loved this book! It was so just what I needed and everything I wanted. Gah, I can't believe it's over! Review to come.
The Rules for Disappearing - Ashley Elston 2.5 stars

This book was basically a disappointment. I liked the characters, Ethan more than the rest, for the most part, but they all seemed so surface and the plot was so predictable. And the end really sent me over the edge. I was planning to read the next book but when I got to the end I changed my mind. Just not a very big fan, but it did have great potential. I will give it that. Strong idea but just not what I hoped for.
Our Song - Jordanna Fraiberg Not really crazy about this one. The main character was annoying and selfish and the story was pretty cliché. Nick was a small bonus but still lacking some of the depth I was looking for.
On the Island  - Tracey Garvis-Graves I'm sorry, i know many found this book really great but it was just too ridiculous to me. Between the matter of fact writing style where "this happens so we have to do this which then results in this" to the most insane things happening I just was not in love. I did fiish the book only to find out really how bad it could get, but this was just not for me. I'm glad I read it though. I just won't be reading the continuation. And it did make me want to go on a tropical vacation so that's something, right?!
Maybe One Day - Melissa Kantor Add another book to the ugly cry list. What a fantastically heartbreaking story of friendship. Wow. I'm blown away. Review to come closer to release date. Highly encourage this be added to your to read list.
Lost and Found - Nicole  Williams 3.5

Enjoyed it way more than her other series. Jesse is just...swoon!
Insurgent  - Veronica Roth Even better the second time around! Can't wait for Allegiant. I'm ready now. Well prepared. I'll never be ready for it yo end.
Four: The Transfer: A Divergent Story - Veronica Roth SO SO GOOD! Four is just...sigh. Four is amazing. Love getting into his head more in these books.
Altered - Jennifer Rush First things first, why are more people not talking about this book? I mean seriously, why? Honestly I have had this book on my raider for a while. I remember adding it in June of 2012 and thinking how fantastic it sounded. But as things happen I kept putting it off and putting it off as other books were buzzed about. When I was offered a copy I jumped on it and just picked it up and basically DEVOURED THE WHOLE THING in almost one day. It was seriously FANTASTIC and I’m mad that I didn’t read it sooner, that I didn’t hear the buzz that it deserves, that I didn’t have 15 people telling me to read it. That really bums me out because people, you are missing out on greatness!

Altered is a sci-fi-ish thriller about Anna, and 4 boys, Nick, Cas, Trev and Sam(who Anna crushes on) that are being held in her basement for a secret government project. For years Anna has gotten close to the boys unsure of what the study is about and why the boys have been altered. All Anna knows is that the boys don’t remember a single thing since they were out in the farm house 5 years ago. When opportunity arises and the boys escape, Anna is forced by her father to go with them. What starts as a journey of finding out who the boys are becomes much more as each unraveled secret leads to the one question they never thought to ask, just who can they trust?

Fantastic sounding right? It’s like The Bourne Identity YA style with 4 adorable boys with varying personalities and Anna right in the middle of everything. I’m telling you I was 6 pages in and I fell head over heels for Sam and as the story progressed and I got to learn more about him both currently and in the past, that love grew. He was such a complex character that held everything close to the vest yet had this small amount of vulnerability to him that was especially brought out around Anna. Anna somehow softened the boys in a way that was almost unexpected. Even Nick who basically hated her was a little less gruff around her. I know there was a reason for this, but it still added to the story.

Now aside from the characters the plot itself was fantastic. Although some of it was predictable and I saw it coming a mile away there was enough that wasn’t. I was utterly engaged through the entire book from either the action that was happening as these teens ran for their lives or the little clues that would pop up explaining the mystery they were shroud in, or the pieces of the puzzle that fit into place. Rush created a high impact action story that kept my heart in my throat and me on the end of my seat. I was completely enthralled by the intricate story that was woven and connected with an easy precision.

Basically if you haven’t gotten it form this review I’m telling you that you need to read this book. You need to tell all your friends to read this book. You need to review this book everywhere and anywhere you can so people know to read this book. Rush’s book was a fast paced story of figuring out a mysterious past while trying to connect what it means for the future and who you are a person. I promise if you pick this up you will not be disappointed.
The Originals - Cat Patrick There were parts of this that I really loved and parts that felt rushed and contrived. There was great potential to go in a direction I was hoping for but it just didn't go there so I felt something was missing. But I did love the concept and I loved Lizzie and Sean.